Zulian Jewels

Erotika. A limited edition, handmade jewelry collection for the LGBT market.

In Spring 2013 I was contacted by Alessandro Zulian, owner of MaxiOro S.N.C. . He was very fond of my work, and wanted to talk about his latest project and how to expose it to the world. I went to His office, and I saw these jewels. His idea was to hit a particular slice of the market, which is in fact more interest in luxury goods these days. So we started thinking about how to embrace the idea of a jewel which reflects your identity, and in particular your sexual identity. I went throughout all my GLBTs contact and started developing a visual strategy which would have speak a language not about the product, but about the customer’s world.

When I went back to Alessandro to show Him the job, He was very interested, and he came to assist to the shootings; to be honest, it was not that much like a customer that comes to see if You do your work well enough, it was most likely a participation to the process, and we all enjoyed it much.

When I chose Pietro, I knew I was choosing the best.

Alessandro Zulian
Owner of MaxiOro S.N.C., Artist.