OUTX Fashion

This gig was about shooting two catalogues for the 2013 Collection of Outx.

Outx is a luxury-lingerie Italian Brand, which creates these crazy and boiling hot fashion pieces for the eastern and north European market.
It was a pleasure working with Francesca Lukasik, which is one of the most recognizable Italian models/PR’s, and of course with Luca, CEO of the company.
The work environment was extremely friendly and professional, and we had a lot of fun (most can’t imagine how funny it is to work with models who have sense of humour, and the shooting took place in August. Imagine to fit the whole day inside of those skin-tight leather and rubber outfits… a real Nightmare, poor models!).

Fortunately for the girls, the second catalogue wasn’t whole in leather and rubber, but mostly in cotton wear.. phew!