Henry Glass

Strike a Calendar POSE.

So it was 2012, last months back at the Venice’s Academy of Fine Arts. I was going to graduate in Visual Arts at the New Technologies for the Arts Department, and my Photography professor selected me along some other students in order to create a small task force of artists. The lead was simple.

There is a commission work for Henry Glass, a company of our region which needs a new calendar for it’s activity. Each one of you will create a visual for them, and they’ll select the best ones to publish their calendar

Guido Cecere
Photographer, Professor of Photography at the Venice's Academy of Fine Arts

Yes yes. There was the “money thing” too, but let’s just skip that part. The point is that it was a good opportunity to have good exposure and was, for the most of us, the first company-oriented work experience. So we were all very excited about it. I’ve been searching the way to express my personal photographic style, trying at the same time to stay within the bounds which a job like that implies. At the end, I came out in a week with these two ideas. One (the chosen one) was very close to my photographic style; somehow cold, ambiguous and mysterious, while being fresh, unusual and maybe interesting. The other one was more architectural but at the end of the day, it was maybe too dark and gloomy.

The thing is that you have to think that these people, to which you will give your calendar, will have to see these pictures everyday for at least one month. And not only we don’t want them to get bored, but we want them to feel attracted by it and to remember your Brand.

Pietro Mingotti