DISTILLED menswear

DISTILLED MENSWEAR – fashion, pop culture, art and you.


In mid 2016 I was hired from Artisani srl to be Art Director of a new Brand for menswear. Here you can enjoy some parts of the branding project, some visuals, advertising, and the two short fashion films that were made out of it.

Here is the Brand Identity:

You have been Distilled.

Distilled is about a metamorphic operation of the contemporary fashion and visual art world: Involution, Evolution. Breath. Going back to the womb of creation, where basic materials _://skin/garment/plaster/movement/ color/liquid/solid/

cmd:/execute —> become part of your culture. You have been Distill3d. Every time you see an image, you hear a sound, each and every happening in your life and other people’s life have been digested, and has changed you.

Being a new Brand, research is our keyword, and not just by crafting our product: Visual communication, art, creativity,social media, twitting stuff, tumblering here and there, being present as a collective of creatives and not just as mere “clothing”.

We think fashion is moving this way, and we think it started this process quite some time ago.

The question is: till what point are we ready to unleash its language? How much have communication in fashion industry been over saturated with media, when maybe everything you need to do is: Distill?