Civico 76

An Italian Fashion Brand which changes the rules in the men’s wear game.

Civico 76 is an Italian fashion Brand for which I have worked as Art Director since it’s first collection. At the moment that this short description is being written, the Team and I are working on the next season already and are very excited about what we are going to do. As with any startup program, the first approach is always very difficult because you have to deal with critical budget scheduling. The only way to go ahead is to be passionate and believe in the Brand. But this was quite an easy task after all, because since the first moment working on this project, I knew that this was something that could become really big; it has all the potential to splash out in the open.

You can find the two Lookbooks I’ve crafted at the following links

Civico76 SS15 Lookbook Download

download & enjoy

Civico76 FW14 Lookbook Download

download & enjoy