Berlin: NowHere

A town that chokes Ü smiling.

Every time I visit Berlin, for work or vacations, I feel such an amount of different emotions that it’s really hard for me trying to translate in words what I do with photography. In this case, this task is even more difficult. You see, this town gathers both the best feelings lying in my creativity, and though it’s even able to summon the worst demons living inside of me. I was inspired during the reportage I created from 2011 to 2012, by the words of this man, which I deeply admire, for the brilliant use of the language he’s capable of, and because of an artistic sensitivity which I feel very close to mine. Mr. Warbear. To read the full poetry speech, just follow the link at the end of the page to the full article.

Pietro Mingotti

So, starting from this thought, which gave birth to a side-project which is the Leaving Berlin Project, I needed to freeze all these emotions; knowing that they are deeply linked to my young age, to that precise moment of my life, and so on, I knew that sooner or later I would have lost all those feelings about that place. So I decided, even though I’m not a landscape or reportage photographer but much more a studio rat, to portray this City as it was one of my girls…or boys. I started wandering around, like I do with people, trying to know it without following guides or tours. Each time I went to Berlin I made a one-day long ticket for the ÜBahn, and went randomly wondering, taking pictures of what felt right, and what felt wrong.

Two years later, some of these pieces still hurt me to watch.

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