The ArtPop Project

Free my mind, Artpop; Ü make my heart stop.

There is a wet dream, a bad bad dirty wet dream, in every nowadays artistic fashion photographer. Or, at least, that’s my own. Being on a one day Job with Mrs. Lady GaGa. Don’t get me wrong, this is no “little monster” fan topic, neither it is a caustic need for exposure. It’s just that the way this artist is able to express music and show into a contemporary language, mixing High Fashion with pop music, makes my lenses drool. And they drool bad. Did you ever see some photographic projects involving Mrs. Germanotta? I mean, not the mainstream ones, those holy ones which most of the times don’t even hit the biggest marketplaces or magazines?

Well, at the debut of Her new album, I was astonished by how drastically the taste of the music and the visual had become more mature, polish and focused. I decided to start another devotional project, having my MUA and assistant painting people faces like on the cover of Her first single, “Applause”. So we begun using His face as a canvas, but we are willing to expand further this project, once we find the right faces. If you want to model for this Project, just drop me a line using the comments field or the contact form in this website.